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Trinity Freewill Church is a non-denominational Christian fellowship located in Historic Downtown Sanford.  The original Trinity United Methodist Church began in 2011, nestled between Sanford's bustling downtown commercial district and elegant homes.  Newly reorganized and renamed in 2019, Trinity Freewill welcomes the engaging energy of Pastor Joseph Starling and his wife, Julia, to help carry out The Great Commission.

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Our goal is to introduce Jesus Christ to people--to help them grow to be more like Him and then reproduce the process in others.  We are a ministry founded on Biblical principles.  We are committed to serving our community--local and abroad--in integrity and in the spirit of excellence as our brothers' keepers.  We will be known for the support and development of spiritual leaders.  We will nurture education of the spirit, soul, and body, as well as encouraging economic empowerment and fiscal responsibility.  We are builders of marriages and families.


We endeavor to meet the spiritual needs of each person that worships with us.  Each worship experience is prayerfully intended to help you leave a changed person so that you can have the impact upon the world God intended.  We have several ministries to aid us in doing so:





4-KD (Kingdom Dominion)    

Soltero Life                            

When 2 Become 1                       

Man UP

Hope Alive Podcast

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