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The Pastors

On June 30, 1980, Julia and Joe Starling began their journey together as husband and wife.  Both were Christians, but had experienced an assortment of negative situations that had shaped their lives, and ultimately led each to accept Christ.

Julia, a single parent to her daughter, came to know Christ and witness the transformational power of the Gospel in her life.

Joseph was fresh out of college, young in the Lord, and just getting rooted in the Kingdom of God when he met the woman who would partner with him in both life and ministry.

Through the years, the couple has weathered many storms, growing pains, and temporary setbacks, as well as, many victories.

Today, Joseph and Julia are happily and gratefully standing together proclaiming the goodness of God that can be had for each person in life, family, marriage, and ministry.

The couple attributes their success in marriage to:

  • God's Word, God's grace, and God's mercy.

  • Commitment not to take each other for granted.

  • Willingness to change.

  • Laughter.

  • Attending marriage seminars.

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